Birthday Parties


Birthdays are important milestones for every child - At Rumble HQ we take making them fun very seriously! 

We offer unique experiences including: personalised playlists, a theme of their choosing, their favourite songs, favourite games and their favourite characters too - We go the extra mile to put the magic into their special day.

You have more than enough to organise when it comes to your favourite small people's big days - So let us take away the pressure! 

At Rumble HQ, we create a package designed specifically for your child - from their favourite tunes, to their top choice of theme - and all that's inbetween! If you're stuck for ideas have a look through some of our most popular packages.


School Events


Sometimes it's difficult knowing how to make a school party super special - So let us step in!

We have vast experience in Christmas Parties, Leavers Parties, Discos, and Team Building/Icebreaking Parties.

Working alongside the school, we make sure we deliver the exact package for a perfect party. 

Dance Parties 


With talented instructors, full of passion, energy and fun, these are a brilliant way to celebrate Birthdays and Big Days. 

Typical dance parties involve a fun warm up, followed by learning a routine to their favourite track, then some dress up/finishing touches, a sprinkling of fun games, ending with a final performance which the parents are invited back to.

A fun way to celebrate, whilst learning some cool new moves!

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